Three’s a crowd: Kosås

Three’s a crowd is a new segment where we try 3 products from a makeup brand and tell you what we think. That’s right, we are spending our pennies to give you guys some honest feedback! Feedback that might never make it to any scientific publication, but feedback we hope can assist at least one of you on your next purchase.

Now, whenever we think of makeup, we always think of it as the adult version of finger painting. Its application is just as messy, creative and colourful as any kindergarten painting session. The difference is, its very expensive and you have to clean up after yourself. Times like this, we really wish we were 4 years old again. (stage left exit for dramatic cries)

Today’s first instalment is all about the US based clean beauty brand – Kosas. A brand that encourages finger painting, for reasons you’ll only understand if you just keep reading…

Kosas was founded in 2015 by Sheena Yaitanes. With a chemistry degree and a painting apprenticeship, Yaitanes fascination with makeup and artistic expression led her to create a collection of elevated all-inclusive products for women who love makeup as much as she does. 

As the brand states on its website, Kosas seeks to revolutionise what beauty means and change the complicated relationship between beauty and makeup. It seeks to deliver high performance, non-toxic cosmetics using nourishing ingredients that suit every skin tone and every mood. Kosas products include clean, skin-loving, botanical formulas with expert colour pigmentation that revolutionises makeup, introducing a new standard for clean, flattering, all-inclusive beauty.

On paper, what’s not to love about this product? We knew from the get-go we were dealing with a brand that combines science, an understanding of undertones and free-spirit into its neatly minimalistic packaged products. 

Read on below for our thoughts on 3 products we tried from Kosas.

1. Tinted face oil

This is a product that packs a punch – it’s pretty much makeup meets skincare. The product includes radiance-boosting botanicals and skin-perfecting pigment to even and illuminate complexions. With a feathery weight texture, this medium coverage foundation is deeply hydrating and leaves a silky smooth finish.

As the brand promises, it really is all-inclusive. Although its shade range only includes 16 shades, each shade can be applied across 5 different tones. You heard right! This tinted oil is a chameleon – with self adjusting colour pigments.

So what did we experience from using this product over 2 months? It evened out our skin tone. Even better, it soothed our skin. When removing the makeup at the end of the day, our skin almost looked better than when we first applied in the morning! I know, sounds crazy but its as if all the botanical goodness promised by Kosas actually worked!

Now it should be noted, the product doesn’t actually cover all imperfections. As the title suggests, it’s a tinted oil, so you really only can achieve a medium coverage. So covering up pesky pimples and pigmentation was pretty hard, so concealer was kept handy for fuller coverage. But in playing with the product, we figured out that if you softly tap the product over the designated “spot zone”, we could achieve further coverage. This method however, does require some patience.  In saying that, boy did the product look AMAZING on good skin days. Like #hotgirlsummer good! 

It also keeps your under eyes extra hydrated. So if you suffer for dry, cracked skin under your eyes, this product applies beautifully. And we are not exaggerating! As a raccoon girl (i.e. cute, hungry with dark circles and ready for a fight) we were impressed at what this product was able to achieve. It truly is thanks to the delicious botanicals in the product! 

However, because it is an oil, we did have to apply powder across the t-zone. Especially due to our combo or oily skin! In doing so, we achieved the best of both worlds – glossy cheek bones with a matte forehead. It’s *kisses fingers like an Italian chef would at a plate of pasta* beautiful!

Now you’re probably wondering, how the flying-fruit-bat does one apply a pigmented oil as a foundation? Well from our experience, we recommend using the most natural tools available to all humans – fingers! It makes it easier to apply, blend and manoeuvre the product around the face to achieve desired coverage. Brushes and blenders just did’t cut it with this product. So for all our friends out there who don’t like using their fingers as their preferred makeup tool – sorry but you’re going to have to change your ways if you want to love this product as much as we do!

The only con we have with this product is the time you need to allow for your skincare to absorb. Now being a busy accountant, this isn’t ideal. Especially when there’s 5 million (thanks consumerism) bloody serums, moisturisers and sunscreens your skin needs to absorb before the product can be applied seamlessly. In saying that, it can get a bit messy in the morning applying it in a rush. To combat this, we’ve learnt: 

a) Allow at least 5min for your skincare to absorb – the longer the better!

b) Use mineral based sunscreen or primer – anything with a silicone or chemical base will make the oil pill (balling up). This just adds a whole new level of complications to deal with in the morning – especially on a Monday! 

Overall its a pretty fab product and we highly recommend!

Shades used: #3 and #6

2. Lipstick

We love lipsticks! But what we love more, are lipsticks that are highly pigmented and free of Parabens, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, Propylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol and Synthetic

Fragrances! And anything that’s never been tested on animals, is a BIG BONUS. So where are we going with this? Well, Kosas delivers on all of these with their lipsticks.

Their lipsticks are creamy, high impact, pigmented to suit all skin colours and include the following deliciously hydrating ingredients:

  • mango seed butter
  • shea butter
  • coca seed butter
  • green tea seed oil
  • reship seed oil
  • jojoba oil
  • sweet orange oil

Although pigmented, they aren’t long lasting. So if you’re looking for a 24hr red lip, you’re barking up the wrong clean-beauty-tree. But boy did we not care. The lipsticks provided standard longevity and when they wore off, they left the most beautiful tint behind. Absolutely love the lipsticks and looking forward to expanding the colour collection.

Colour: Undone

3. Blush + highlighter pallet

Kosas delivers a blush + highlighter duo in either cream or powder form. You heard right! Alert the authorities, call your mothers, send a carrier pigeon to your long lost lover – Kosas provides a blush product that suits any girls application needs. Want that glossy skin finish? Try the cream blushes. Want a matte flushed look? Try the powder! Both equally as pigmented as the other – which, if you haven’t already established, truly impressed us. 

Each blush is highly pigmented to suit any skin tone and is paired with a coordinating highlighter to perfectly compliment the undertone. Just as with the tinted face oil, we used our fingers with the creme version of the product. The blendable formula makes its application super easy. And with the powder, used our fave brush and swept across le cheeks for the perfect pop of colour. 

The blushes also look great as eyeshadow. So in search for a monochromatic look, we’ve used our finger painting skills we developed as 4 year olds and swiped the colour across our lids. It gives the most beautiful glow natural finish to an overall look.

Colour: Tropic Equinox – creme pallet

                                                                                                                * * * * *

Based on the products we’ve tested, we give Kosas a 9/10. It’s absolutely beautiful and we look forward to trying more products with our fingers.

Let us know in the comments section below if you’ve tried any of the products mentioned above. We’d love to hear your thoughts and any tips you’ve been using.

– Superstitiously yours x

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