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They say life is too short to worry about the small things. But what if we told you that the products you put on your skin could affect the texture, radiance and elasticity of that skin in 20 years’ time? Just like what we ingest affects our health, so does what we put on our skin. As the trend of clean beauty sweeps across the cosmetics industry, it begs the question: What damage do the chemicals we put on our face have on the health of our epidermis as well as our insides too? Remembering, our skin is hella porous – so what we put on the surface, may very well get absorbed into our body *queue ominous music*.

Freaked out? Good! That’s the point of promoting clean beauty. And also, we like using scare tactics to get our message across – sorry, not sorry.

Anyways, this Fast 7 hones in our experiences with a pioneer in the clean beauty space – Bareminerals. Read on and see why we dig this brand.

Q1. What was the first bareminerals product you tried out and why?

Bareminerals BarePro Foundation. I had always been keen to try out bareminerals but the foundations I wanted were not available in my Indian skin tone in Australia until very recently (yay for diversity). The reason I was keen on this foundation was that mineral makeup is the best for acne and oily prone skin. Mineral makeup has less ingredients than other commercially produced makeup and is derived from natural materials. It is oil-free as well!

Q2. Is it easy to apply and what kind of finish does it provide?

Yeah it goes on smooth like butter! I apply the foundation using a beauty blender or my fingers, depends on the day. It’s really buildable so during the day time I only apply a small amount for a natural finish, and for an event a little more to provide better coverage.

Q3. When bareminerals launched they really only had the loose power foundation. Today they have a large collection of foundations. Have you tried anything else?

Have I tried anything else? Hells yes!! Bareminerals is one of my fave makeup brands so I’ve tried a fair few of their products. From the Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydration gel, the stick and cream concealers, mineral veil powder and of course the OG mineral powders – to eyeshadow pallets, lipsticks, bronzers and blushes. Heck I’ve even used their skin care! In fact, some might say I’m a Bareminerals collector, based on all the products I’ve used and continue use over the past few years.

Q4: So you are a Bareminerals hoarder! How are their concealers? Does it get pasty?

I LOVE THEIR CONCEALERS. Particularly the Bareskin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer. Thanks to my parents, I have epically dry skin around my eyes so I’ve always struggled with concealers covering my dark circles while not making the delicate skin look like crepe paper. This concealer has been a god send! Yes it doesn’t completely hide the dark circles, but it’s hydrating and leaves a seamless natural finish under my eyes. And it works great for covering up pigmentation and pesky pimples too. The Barepro concealer is also great in providing added coverage and hides even your sins! But if you have dry skin around your eyes like me, I would not recommend putting it anywhere near your eyes.

bareminderals 3Q5. Great! Sounds like I could add concealer to my Bareminerals makeup range one day. I can’t eyeshadow my eyes to save my life, but I’ve heard good things about Bareminerals’ shadow range. How pigmented are they?

Super pigmented! Not only is the colour payoff great, but their pallets are versatile too. You can take any pallet from a boring day in the office to a night out on the town. The best part is that the eyeshadows include all the goodness that bareminerals packs into its powders. So you know that what you’re putting on eyes, isn’t going to cause irritation.

Q6: I love a good red, what are their lipsticks like? I usually buy MAC.

Their lipsticks are deliciously creamy! Their range covers the spectrum of lipstick finishes – from mattes that are comfortable and have longevity, to creamy pigmented lipsticks in over 20 colours to match a variety of skin tones. Their lip range definitely caters for all. Buttttt my fave part about their lip products is that they’re made without any nasties. Synonymous with their mission, their lip products are clean. That means they’re paraben free and [bonus] cruelty free!!! So no need to second guess all the lipstick you ingest during the day while eating, drinking…or kissing!!

Q7: Kissing aye……out of 10 how would you rate the Bareminerals brand?

A solid 9/10! I love the brand so much. Love that it inspires and encourages natural beauty, in any shape, colour or form. And most of all, I love that it recognises the impact that harmful chemicals currently used by the cosmetics industry have on our health!!

Also, I deducted 1 point – not because there’s anything wrong with their products – but to encourage the brand to keep introducing more epic, awesome, fantabulous products to our universe!!


Hope you enjoyed this instalment. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve tried Bareminerals and what your thoughts are on the brand. We love learning about other clean beauty brands, so if you have any recommendations, please let us know.

Until next time,

– Superstitiously yours x

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