Beatrice the Pimple

flower beatrice

It was a cool Autumn day when Beatrice came into the world. She was an ugly little creature. She had big hopes for herself, grow up, graduate from school, get married, have kids. The whole shabang!

But Beatrice had an addiction. From a young age she was introduced to sebum. At first, she only dabbled in oil the cool kids were calling “pimple juice”. But by the end of her adolescent years, she was feeding off sebaceous glands like a new born to its mother’s teat.

All the while she was watching Dawson’s Creek and going through a roller coaster of emotions. Watching Dawson and Joey be together, not be together, be together, not be together – it was taking its toll. And then, Joey got the hots for Pacey but they couldn’t be together because of their best friend Dawson. It was all a calamity that Beatrice couldn’t handle! The stress of it!!

If fictional characters couldn’t keep it together, how could she?! Beatrice graduated from university (just!) with a bachelor of communications and started working part-time as a receptionist to make ends meat while she auditioned to be a weather girl. But the mountains of pustule-debt kept piling up! Because heck, face shots and propionibacterium- acnes injections are bloody expensive.

It was all too much for Beatrice, she couldn’t handle it. The emotional trauma, the stress of finding a husband before 30, the oils all clogging her life, those eggs drying up, annoying colleagues, until one day she erupted like a volcano. It was over. Just like that. In a matter of days. There she lay, Beatrice – the deceased pimple.

– Superstitiously yours

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