Skincare on flight

Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We are ready for departure, so please buckle yourselves in and enjoy the flight!

A simple statement that slightly puts your heart at ease while the plane starts taxiing. So you immediately buckle your seat belt – who are we kidding, the buckles been fastened as soon as your toosh hit the seat! Anyways, you stuff 3 pieces of gum in your mouth and chew violently while you sort through your entertainment options for your 14hr flight from Melbourne to Doha and embrace the neck pillow. It’s during this moment, amongst the anxiety, smells and cabin pressure, you start glaring at the huge pimple on your cheek. Stupid hormones, stupid genes, stupid travelers anxiety! Omg I found another woman with a cheek pimple – twin, come hither! The plane takes off, your heart and stomach cling on to each other for dear life while your brain switches off until the seat belt sign turns off. It’s at this point you finally unclaw your nails from the arm rests, take a breather and side eye around the cabin to make sure no one saw you have a mental breakdown.

The flight continues and 5hrs in, your face feels tight and greasy, looks uneven and splotchy, and you’re wishing you had a paper bag to cover your face. You remember all the beauty blogger videos you’ve watched – gorgeous women sitting in business class while applying skin care to their amazing smooth skin, mid-flight. A pang of jealousy washes over you but then you remember – fools!!

Who in their right mind would want to apply skin care while on a plane? The air is recycled and dry, with all sorts of human germs lingering on every inch of every surface of the plane. I don’t want any of that crap making more contact with my skin than it already is! Now I totally understand one could just antibacterial the shit out of their hands and the tray table in front, but ladies – lets be honest here. Is that really sanitary? Antibacterial wipes only kill 99% of germs with the remaining 1% being too strong to kill. And if you’re acne prone like me, guaranteed these strong germ-mofos will have a field day on my skin. So by touching your face, do you think you’re doing your skin any good? The answer is no by the way – if you took more than 2 seconds to figure that out, I’m disappointed.

Besides the cesspool of germs you’re dealing with on a plane, your skin care regime mid-flight will do nothing for your skin. Absolutely nothing!! The plane cabin creates a dry environment where any moisture is sucked dry. This is worsened by the constant recycling of air. So if you applied toners, essences, serums and moisturizers on your face while in flight, you are just encouraging more moisture to be ripped out of your skin. The moisture you try to inject into your skin in a dry environment, is simply dried out while taking along with it any hydrating particles you had left in your skin.

Don’t believe us? Google it! Most experts will highly discourage any skin care routine to be applied mid flight. Advising that any application should be conducted prior to your flight and encouraging that any hydrating products are applied to skin – in bulk! We’re talking hyaluronic acid and any moisturisers, rich with natural oils and vitamins B and E. Once off the plane, then follow through with your usual skin care regime – focusing on products that will delicately but thoroughly clean the skin of any bacteria which accumulated during the flight.

If you’re in transit? While bumming around the airport during your 8hr stop over, definitely use a soothing cleanser or microfiber cloth to clean the skin, followed with a hydrating serum and creamy moisturiser – ready for the next leg of the flight. We recommend packing products that are simple to use, rich in vitamin E, B and hyaluronic acid, easy to carry in your hand luggage and one use.

The only thing that we will encourage reapplication during a flight is lip balm! Buttttttt! Remember that anything with petroleum jelly won’t actually hydrate you lips. So try to apply a hydrating balm rich in vitamin E or moisturizing oils like coconut, jojoba or lanolin. Then if available, apply any balm with petroleum jelly on top to lock in the moisture and prevent the cruel plane air from stripping it!

So next time you’re flying, whether it’s a 1hr between cities or 30hrs between countries, remember that not applying your skin care mid-flight is just as important as one of the engines not failing. So please, make sure to apply your skincare prior to takeoff or after landing. Because the health of your skin ain’t worth the insta shot in business class…or if you’re boujee like us, cattle class. I mean economy…

– Superstitiously yours ✈️

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