Safe to say 2018 was not a good year for my skin. With emotions all over the place, career stress and guy-trauma, I was starting to look more and more like scarface’s sister. But what could fix it?

I’d heard about micro-needling, but was too chicken to try – needles being jabbed into my skin at the speed of sound, no thanks! But a friends sister had survived the ordeal and lived to tell the tale, so I figured why not – at least it’s a more natural way to heal acne scars using the body’s [freakishly sick] healing powers, as opposed to laser and acid peals.

Unfortunately after consultation with a trained aesthetician, I couldn’t deep dive into needling, much to my disappointment. To get to that stage, I needed to have micro-dermabrasions to get the congestion out (why is life so tragic?!). You know, all that sebum and funk that festers in the epidermis, mocking at you by creating black heads and pustules – vom!

I had tried micro-dermabrasions a couple of years ago, and at that time, had not seen much improvement. Maybe it was leaving the treatments to every 8 weeks. I did have some active acne at that point, which made sense. Or maybe I didn’t give it enough of a chance? In any case, late last year I went to my first micro-dermabrasion appointment! And now after having done 3 sessions, at 2 week intervals, my skin’s texture is improving, smoothing out and encouraging the healing process of my acne scars, helping them fade away.

So what is Micro-dermabrasion? Well, it’s this magical wand that a wizard waves over your head and bam, your skin is smooth, clear and glowly. Jokes! The process actually involves a pen like machine, which has small tiny crystals on its tip, used to gently exfoliate the top layer of your skin, while sucking out the dead skin, gunk and sebum trapped in your pores. It’s definitely not as painful as it sounds!! And leaves behind a fresh layer of polished skin, promoting the production of collagen.

Although my face is blotchy and red after the treatment, mainly due to the extractions, I highly recommend this procedure – granted you don’t have any active acne. You don’t want any of that nasty bacteria spreading – hell hath no fury like sebum scorned!!

The reality is, no process will give you results overnight. But it’s important to stick to the process, listen to your aesthetician and stay positive. Positivity will be what keeps you going and what will shine through, passed all the pimples which no other person actually sees when looking at you.

My next microdermasion session is this week! Hopefully after this I’m on my way to skin-needling and no scars! Stay tuned ✌🏻

– Superstitiously yours ❤️

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