The return of the…

We’re back!!! You’re probably wondering where we’ve been and you are 100% correct if you guessed dying of heat – it’s summer Down Under and boy has it been a scorcher. Anyone who has lived, eaten, breathed air or visited Melbourne knows it’s a city known for its moody weather. Notorious for cooler summers, the country’s food-fashion-original capital has been stinking HOT! I’m talking 35 degree dry heat on the regular.


So what’s the purpose of this post? One to complain how I’m currently dying on a tram because it’s so hot, and two our top picks for winter clothing staples that’ll last you for multiple years! Because who doesn’t use the thought of big winter coats and knee high boots as a means of cooling down?


The Ankle Booty

Whether you like them with a heel or flat,  a pair of leather ankle boots are a must have. You can wear them with skirts, dresses and any style of pant leg – cropped, straight or slimming. These shoes look great with anything and are so versatile for any occasion. Not only are they versatile, they’re appropriate for any occasion and if your a smarter shopper like us, you’d start checking out the outlets of various shoe companies like Wittner, Jo Mercer and Nine West who have last year’s stock at half price!


The Double Breasted Coat

Whenever we think of this type of coat, we think of a 1920’s English man wearing a top hat, adopting us for the sole purpose of teaching us to be a sophisticated young lady…yes we are making a reference to my fair lady! But this coat is seriously where it’s at this year, with European winter styles [finally] traveling down south. This versatile coat adds class to any style and is super comfortable thanks to its straight line cut. As the fashion world recycles trends (and thankfully so), this coat structure is definitely what you want in colder months as it gives you room for layering! This is something you’ll be re-wearing in 10yrs, for sure!


The Mom Jean

We love the mom jean! Not only does it give us soccer mum* vibes, but they are so fricken comfortable! As you can see there’s a real theme to our winter faves – comfortability. These jeans add edge to any style, with the cinched high waist and straight leg cut, this denim style adds relaxed sophistication to any look. Ladies, when was the last time you wore jeans that weren’t strangling your thighs?? Seriously, try a pair out and you’ll thank us. It is important to note that most mom jean cuts are not true to size, so we recommend going one or two sizes up to achieve that real boho chic look.

*offended this style of jean has not been tailored to the Australian-English language.


The Checkered Blazer

This is our multipurpose fave pick! You can wear it to any occasion, whether it’s in the office, out for drinks with the gal-pals or at shops buying your organic, ethically sourced, macro almond milk. But what’s even more fabulous is that it can also be worn as a chic coat alternative during those relatively milder winter days. This blazer adds sophistication to any look and looks amazing paired with a white-T, mom jeans and ankle booties.


Hope the thought of winter fashion has cooled you kiddies down! Stay cool and hydrated ❤️

–  Superstitiously yours


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