21st Century Woman


We have been on hiatus for yonks, but it doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about you all. It’s just, being a young woman in the 21st century can be tricky. You’re trying to maintain your role in society as a female by dressing pretty, looking well rested, always smiling while trying to balance a humorous yet sophisticated, intellectual, sexy, kind-hearted personality in the hope that you’ll find someone to pro-create… All while trying to maintain a career by working hard every day – even on weekends! Suffice to say, balancing a career with your role as a baby making machine isn’t the easiest of tasks.

And before you start heckling at us with your mansplaining that this is “feminism rubbish” or that we’re just two “sensitive flowers” who can’t handle the obstacles of life, please first put your feet in your mothers, sisters, lovers, grandmothers shoes. Because the life of a woman is not that simple. By no means is this post focused on discounting the role of males in society, nor are we looking for sympathy votes. Men face just as many stresses in the world – both personal and career related. Rather, this blog post is an educational vent session. Yes, we’ve tried boxing to rid ourselves of the rage we feel inside from the pressures of society. And no, we are not pms’ing (f*** you if you thought that btw). We’re just putting pen to paper…fingers to keyboard…to use this platform to say:

For all the women out there, no matter the age, family situation or career / job, we respect you! We respect you waking up at 6am, getting to the gym for a quick work out before arriving at work at 8am for a most likely 10hr day. We respect you for taking the effort to look so damn fineeeee, even though we know today will be a long hard day at work – like gurl, be proud of that wing liner you smashed in the first try. And holla to those chickas who wore no makeup today – you go glen coco 💪🏻 We wish you the best of luck with your day and hope that cute guy on your train ride home does speak to you.

We hope that as a woman in the 21st century, you achieve all the roles society has placed on you. Because as women, we should never put each other down. We should build each other up! We should encourage bravery, kindness and hard work. We should point out women’s achievements and celebrate them. Not punish due to personal jealously or self esteem concerns.

Happy Monday y’all!

Superstitiously yours x

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