Regiment Skin Care – War of the Pimples


After two long and hard days at the office, I get home and stare at myself in the mirror and think – what is life? And then I proceed with taking my face off of course!

What comes to mind when you think skin care? Is it a rigorous routine that follows a methodical process of double cleansing, toning, a couple of serums and a slather of moisturiser? Or is it just as simple as a splash of water on your face and away you go?

Skincare, like many other things, is a integral part of our day to day lives. The routine we undertake is 97.89% governed by our skin type. And because of this, there’s never a one-size-fits-all routine that can be applied across the board. We could spend hours detailing what types of products are best for dry, oily and combination skin types, but that wouldn’t give you a real account of a skin care routine used by the average young woman working full time who also has to somehow juggle romance, friends, family and her sanity!

So keep on reading to get to know our skin care routine!

What can I say about combination to oily skin? It can be as dry as the Sahara, yet as oily as a McDonalds fryer! Anyone who has combo skin knows exactly what I’m talking about. You’re constantly faced with a never ending list of products that only suit extreme skin types. Products that either control sebum production which risk drying out your cheeks OR thick hydrating creams that clog your pores leading to bumps along your t-zone.

To overcome this endless seesaw balancing act on my face, I’ve undertaken my own research to find ways of properly cleansing my skin at the end of a long day. One thing I’ve learnt about skin care over the years is that knowledge truly is power. Sometimes I think back to my teenage days and I’m baffled as to why my skin back then was much clearer than it is today. Oily yes; dry? Never! So I wonder if all the harsh products I’ve used over the years (from natural fruit acids to extreme AHA acids) are the cause of my current skin situation… You see, ignorance may be bliss but definitely not when it comes to skin health! Especially when you realise how damaging these harsh chemicals can be to your acid mantel.

Through my research I found the importance to using a pH balanced cleanser. A cleanser that would maintain a pH level of 4.5-6. Why is this so important? Well only through such cleansers could I remove a long day off my face, without drying out my skin of its natural oils. So for a while now I’ve been using the Cetaphil cleanser. It’s great! My skin doesn’t feel dry and there is no residue left on my face. The added bonus is it’s great for removing eye makeup as it’s gentle and doesn’t sting the eyes! Of course this is the second part of my double cleansing routine.

I’ve heard the many benefits of using oil cleansers to remove makeup. I’d always thought it was better used by my drier-skinned sisters out there in the world. How wrong I was! Oil cleansers are great in breaking down makeup, emulsifying with your skins natural oils, and removing impurities from the pores. I use Bareminerals oil cleanser, which not only removes all my makeup (and when I say all makeup, I bloody well mean the devil itself – waterproof mascara) but when water is added to it, turns into a milky cleanser. I then use a damp FaceHalo to wipe the cleanser off. This ensure that’s any stubborn impurities have been captured and removed! Of course, this is followed by the Cetaphil cleanser and my skin is squeaky clean without feeling dry or tight.

Once I pat dry my face, I use Sukin’s hydrating toner mist or T N Dicksons witch hazel toner pads. These 2 products I love! Why? Because not only are they antibacterial and made from natural (paraben, sulphate and fragrance free) products, but they also boost hydration in my skin. As an alternative, Micellar water also works a treat! Packed with minerals and acne fighting (insert kung fu sound affects) vitamins, it does a splendid job in removing any stubborn makeup that has failed to leave the skin. Once toning is complete, you feel powerful! As if you just screamed “THIS.IS.SPARTA!” while kicking all the dirt on your skin into an endless pit of doom – where it belongs!

Follow toning with the Sukin night moisturiser and ta-da! Putting this layer of moisturiser, packed with natural vitamins and minerals, creates a protective layer on my skin. This ensures the best environment is created for my skin to rebuild and regenerate over night. The thing I love love loveeeee about the moisturiser is that’s it’s also perfect for my under eye area. Of course I use sukin’s eye cream, but because of my dry under eye area, large quantities of cream for me there is a must! And if I have a pesky zit, I simply use a clay face mask (sukin branded of course)! I know, you probably think I’m crazy and want to tell me there are acne creams out there for that stuff that work. Well…you’re wrong! I’ve tried every pimple cream known to man and they just don’t work for me! They end up damaging the surface of the skin rather than killing the pimple. Making it harder the next day to apply makeup. So I prefer a clay face mask that will dry the pimple out while not damaging the surface of this skin! It’s wonderful and yes, it might not kill the pimple overnight, but it’s not damaging my skin or pumping nasty chemicals into my acid mantel.

So now you’re wondering if I get any breakouts from the regimen I use. And unfortunately I do! So why am I’m telling you all this? Because skin care only plays a quarter of the part to the constant battle in maintaining perfect healthy looking skin. So my skin care regiment does the job in cleaning my combination skin! I just need to do a whole lot of more investigating into diet, mental health and toxins to get rid of the annoying breakouts that keep coming out! Stay tuned…

Superstitiously yours x

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