Fast7: Chapped Lips

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When you’re a tall boy in a big city and you need to talk to your mama for some lip balm, you just call her up and half way through the conversation, she hangs up because you’re 23, living in another State and are old enough to fend for yourself! But because she’s your mama she calls you back, and asks how she may help you this time.

Here at Superstitious, we like to cater our blog posts to all. So, for you fellas out there that have been on the edge of your seats – do not fret – this Fast7 is for you!

While you read on in anticipation, bitting your chapped lips, here is a firsthand [male] account in keeping your lips smooth during the hot and cold months, to impress your tinder dates.


Q1. What lip balm do you currently use?

My go-to ordinary balm is Elizabeth Arden. Provides my lips with the essential nourishments to keep them protected and plump!


Q2 For you, what’s a common cause for chapped lips?

Dehydration, sunburn, beers, too much apple crumble.


Q3. Do you wish there were such products more readily available for men? We’re guessing the Elizabeth Arden packaging isn’t the most masculine.

Beauty products should be marketed more gender-neutral as opposed to ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’. Every person should be able to look FABULOUS.


Q4. Have you tried any other lip balm products?

Yep have used Blistex, Nivea, and Paw Paw Ointment.


Q5. How would you rate those products, Blistex, Nivea, and Paw Paw Ointment, Elizabeth Arden? Would you recommend them to a friend?

Yes I would. That is probably why I don’t have any friends though – all I talk about is how great my various lip balm products are.


Q6. What other type of beauty product would you like to be more readily available for men? Serious question.

That stuff you put under your eyes to make you not look tired – anti-fatigue cream. Also strips for when you get clogged pores – or maybe that’s just me because I’m 12 and nearly about to go through puberty!


Q7. Have you ever kissed a girl with lip balm on? If yes, did she like it?!

No, I like to put my lip balm on evenly and perfectly. No other set of lips are smudging my lip balm applying efforts duh.
We hope you enjoyed this instalment.

– superstitiouslyours

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