Fast7: Giorgio Armani Power Fabric

As I look out of the office window, onto the bustling streets of Collins Street Melbourne, I can tell my skin feels tight, flaky and oily…all at the same time. Of course the wonderful environment created by an air conditioner cranked up to -18 degrees Celsius has stripped all the moisture out of my skin, while leaving a slippery dip of oil across the T-Zone.

As I keep scrunching up my face to exercise the tightness while picking at the pimple on my chin (because we both know that this is going to make my face look a lot better… NOT) and counting down the minutes until 5pm, I think to myself….why the bloody hell did I not wear my Giorgio Armani foundation this morning?!


Q1. Why did you buy Giorgio Armani foundation? I had spent hours watching beauty bloggers on YouTube hailing this foundation as the Holy Grail. They had mentioned the different varieties that the foundation comes in, from luminous silk to power fabric. But I was always sceptical about their opinions. Of course all of them had clear dewy skin and I…well…I had too many spots to think that such a foundation would actually work. Plus, the hefty price tag of $100 was more than enough to put me off from buying it. Fast forward to a trip to Greece where my skin goes crazy over a change in climate and I get super tanned – being overseas on a holiday always makes you looser with your pennies, so I thought f@%$ it, I’ll buy it! I needed a foundation that would hide the shame and match my new bronzed glow. So I went to duty free and made the purchase of power fabric, and the rest is history!


Q2. What skin type does the foundation suit? You said there are different types of the foundation too? The one I’m currently using is the power fabric which provides medium to buildable full coverage. This foundation provides a matte finish and although all skin types can use this, it’s targeted to those gals out there with oily and combination-to-oily skin. I know luminous silk is the most loved out of the Giorgio Armani foundation range, but this provides shearer coverage and is suitable for all skin types, but best for those suffering from drier skin. Would love to use this one but alas, my skin isn’t so great. In summary though, any foundation from Giorgio Armani makes your skin look like skin! Which is probably the best part, regardless of your skin type.


Q3. Hmmm maybe I’ll try the fabric or luminous when my skin calms down. What do you use to apply the foundation? Do it!!! You won’t regret it! I use a damp beauty blender. I find it provides a more natural look as oppose to using a brush. Brushes are great if you want to achieve a fuller coverage, but I prefer using a beauty blender and then building coverage only on the areas that need it i.e. pimples, redness or sallow looking skin. The best part of this foundation is that with a beauty blender, I can apply it under my eyes and the finish is just as good as a concealer!!


Q4. Does the foundation crease when you seal laugh? Hahaha *slaps hands together like seal*. The reality is that any foundation is going to settle into the fine lines we have on our face. Some foundations will do worse than others, making you look 10 years older resulting in kids on the street calling you granny. Of course silicon based primers and powdering will minimise the appearance of fine lines, but these additional steps aren’t really practical for everyday when you work from 9 to 5 in a city known for changing weather 3 times a day (I’m talking about you Melbourne *squints eyes*). So of course the Giorgio Armani power fabric does crease, but performs significantly better than other foundations I’ve used in the past, without the use of primers and powders. And I’ve tried A LOT of foundations. From high end to drug store, including Marc Jacobs Remarkable Foundation, Too Faced Born This Way Foundation, Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation etc etc blah blah blah haha. And from this list I can vouch that Power Fabric does a way better job in emulsifying with the oils on my skin, settling on my face in a way that, yes does crease, but doesn’t enhance them in any other way than by making it look natural. Which I guess really goes back to what your skin type is and how it reacts with the foundation.


Q5. Does it last the entire work day? 8-6? And then if you are going out in the evening straight from work? Do you have to re-apply? Hmm it really depends on what environment you’re in. I find it lasts quite well if I’m at home running errands, with some oiliness appearing in the t-zone. But, if you’re in the office, subjected to harsh air conditioning, the makeup does start to split on areas prone to oiliness i.e. chin, nose, forehead. This is something I’ve noticed with all foundations and it’s the environment rather than the foundation itself that’s causing the damage. So I find days where I’ve moisturized properly, the foundation sits a lot better in an air-dry environment. If it has split and I am heading out, I use a tissue to blot away any shine and then powder on top with a sheer coverage powder. Sometimes it’s better to see a bit of redness through the skin than pack on too much foundation.


Q6. Did it break you out? Surprisingly no! The lightweight formula doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and so removing it at the end of each day is pretty easy. Followed with a strict cleansing regiment, I haven’t noticed any new breakouts caused by the foundation. Rather, it’s other factors causing my skin to look like a “dot-to-dot” colouring book. Oh! And btw, the 25 SPF in the formulation is an added bonus!!!


Q7. If you were on an island and could only bring three things, what would you bring? Hmm I would bring….. Skittles, because every day would be a rainbow and therefore I could taste the rainbow. It would then form some kind of a food source and hopefully the skittles would include source of vitamin C so I wouldn’t end up with scurvy. I’d then bring 30 SPF sunscreen to make sure I don’t get roasted. I don’t want to look like a leather bag if I eventually get saved. And ummm…..some Gin. I need some form of liquid to drink after all, and fresh water is too risky! If Pirates drank alcohol on their swashbuckling adventures in the 1700 hundreds, who’s to say I can’t do it on an island and survive?

I think I just revealed I want to be a pirate….this is awkward!

Thanks for reading our Fast7.

– Superstitiously yours

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