Fast7: Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask Review

Can you actually kick acne to the curb by shinning some light on it? Sounds ridiculous, right?!

Well, it’s as simple as you attending a Christmas light display, only to find out that the blue light kills certain acne-causing bacteria, while the red light works on reducing inflammation.

LED light therapy has for over 20 years been used as a means of killing acne causing bacteria, as well as improving the overall appearance of aging, sun damaged skin. The combination of blue and red lighting not only helps prevent the formation of bacteria within the pores, but also treats the skin for any scarring caused by pimples. Perfect as a means of treating hormonal acne, LED light therapy can rejuvenate the skin while boosting your self-confidence!

It should be noted that by itself, LED light therapy is not a one-stop shop solution, but rather a means of maintaining healthy skin when used in conjunction with a regimented skin care routine. We could keep discussing the benefits of LED light therapy, but that’s not what this blog is about. Nor do we have the professional experience within the skin care industry, or a degree in dermatology, to preach about this from the sky deck at the Eureka building in Melbourne’s CBD [tallest point in the southern hemisphere fyi]. Rather, this post is in line with our ethos of providing you with first-hand experience.

You’re probably now wondering what the point of this blog is. Well, Neutrogena recently released a Light Therapy Acne Mask, providing us mere mortals who are strapped for cash during this time of the year, with an at home LED light therapy solution. So we…well, one of us really…decided to give it a spin. Read on for our Fast 7 Review.


Q1. Were you skeptical before trying this product and why? I’ve tried so many acne products from off the shelf to creams recommended from the dermatologist to products recommended by my beautician, and honestly nothing has worked. My skins been clear for maybe a max few months and then it goes back to being inflamed with acne.  It’s extremely tiring and kills your confidence, so when mum showed me this I was like NOT AGAIN. But because it was designed to target pimples in a different way, I thought I’d give it a try. My skin couldn’t get worse right?


Q2. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being very difficult, how easy is it to use? 0.000000001 you legit just plug in the activator into the wire that’s joined to the mask, hold down the on button for 1 second and the lights will turn on, and away you go young storm trooper! I’m gonna go Bunnings and buy the solar powered reindeer lights and impale them on my front lawn.


Q3. Had you done any research into the blue and red light therapy used for acne treatment? No I actually hadn’t heard of these treatments before, my dermatologist that I visited years ago nor the beautician ever mentioned anything. Mum found this after doing research generally into acne. It’s seems to be something that’s done in the dermatologists office for thousands of dollars…no wonder I haven’t heard of it! I just got home after going to two Bunnings!! And the reindeer outdoor lights that I was wanting to impale onto my front lawn were sold out. 😦


Q4. You sure you didn’t buy it because wearing it you look like something out of a sci-fi movie filmed by J J Abrams? Hahaha maybe…I do secretly wish I could fly the Millennium Falcon! The mask makes you feel like you should be on a set or something!

mask 2

Q5. Have you noticed a difference? Ummmmm…I feel that I may have broken out a bit more because of it. It’s probably the way the light is targeting the bacteria. I’m sticking through it though, as 2 weeks in, the pimples that flared up have seemed to calm down. New ones have popped up though but I can’t pin point these to the light mask…actually can you ever pin point the reason why a pimple decides to grace your face? And what I don’t understand is that if they could put a man on the moon 🌙 why they haven’t cured acne yet?! 😦


Q6. Have you ever thought about wearing the mask out in public? Like on a date? Feel like it would be a good conversation starter. Hahahaha I reckon it would be a good ice breaker, literally! I would wear it out in public if I could, instead of slathering on the makeup on the daily.


Q7. If there was something you could change about this product, what would it be? I wish the eye glass area protected the eyes a bit more, the light is intense when you put it on and stays intense until the 9 minute mark.

* * * * *

If you are interested in LED light therapy and want a cheaper alternative, you can purchase Neutrogren’s Light Therapy Acne Mask for A$69.99 or U$34.99.

Thanks for reading our Fast7!

– Superstitiously yours

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