Numero Uno

Life is very unusual. You reach your mid-twenties and while experiencing a quarter life crisis, it dawns on you…why the f@#% am I still suffering from pimples ?!

As young women born in the early 90s, we’ve had our fair share of life experiences. Study, travel, work, amazing food, heart break and the impending doom that is reality. And through it all, we’ve always been able to pick ourselves up off the $50,000 taxpayer funded sidewalk [although according to some bouncers we can’t stand on the footpath because they need to let as many near naked girls into said club, said club that we just happened to be waiting outside for our mates, anyway that’s for another time] and quite frankly, “get back to it!”. But through it all, the good and the bad, one thing that has always stuck by our side like glue, never let us down or made us pay for a date, and to this very day continues to provide us with undeniable support…our pimples! And yes, you’re probably thinking “boo-hoo, stop this filth about #firstworldproblems” and you are 100% correct. But in a world were media and society emphasise that perfection is what makes you a woman, there was no way we weren’t going to vent about this topic until we were breathless!

So you’re now probably wondering what the hell this blog is about. Well, my friend, hold on tight because it’s going to be one hell of a bumpy ride as we debunk myths, hearsays and superstitions regarding skin care, cosmetics, beauty, health and life! Superstitious is all about addressing the concerns women who work from 9 to 5 [and then some] face on the daily. Giving you our best [unprofessional] advice based on life experiences to keep all you cool kids in the know, before you waste your money or cause any damage to your skin.

– Superstitiously yours

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